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Originally established in 1990 as The Movement Center, Pilates of Kingston is dedicated to preserving Pilates in its classical form, on equipment designed to the specifications of Joseph Pilates. Formerly located in Kingston’s Historic Rondout Creek District, the studio moved in 2019, after 26 years, to 45 Pine Grove Avenue in Kingston, New York.

Now located in the historically rehabilitated, Fuller Shirt Factory, the studio is a beautiful light-filled space with high ceilings and original detail from the 1890’s building it resides in. The environment is private, calm and inviting with natural colors and warm woodwork.

Pilates of Kingston offers Private, Reformer, and Mat classes – all by appointment. Our instructors are thoroughly trained to assist each individual client according to his or her specific requirements and abilities. One can begin the exercises at any level of fitness from beginner to advanced.

At the studio you progress at your own rate through interesting and varied movements. You see and feel results almost immediately. As you advance there are always new and exciting movements to challenge you. At the end of each session you feel refreshed and invigorated

The Pilates Standard LEAP 2018

Nora Machione Weiss


Nora Machione Weiss is the owner of Pilates of Kingston, New York. She is an advocate of the classical method. Formerly a corporate segment producer in New York City, Nora was introduced to Pilates in 1990. After suffering from a knee sprain while skiing it was suggested to help with rehabilitation. She was fortunate enough to be referred to Leah Chaback Katz who had just finished the program with Romana Kryzanowska along with Bob Liekens, Phoebe Higgins and Cary Regan. After studying for more than a decade Nora felt classical Pilates was becoming very blended. She decided to get certified in Pilates to maintain the integrity of the classical method. Of course she knew the person to study with was Bob Liekens.

Nora believes Pilates is a way of life. She continues to practice and study with many celebrated teachers. Most recently completing, by invitation, The Pilates Standard LEAP program in September 2018 with Bob Liekens.

She is still skiing!



Darien Gold’s radio show, “All Things Pilates” presents interviews with a variety of instructors, practitioners and educators. Her listeners learn the differences between classical and contemporary Pilates, as well as how Pilates intersects with health practitioners and their particular fields.

An interview with Nora Machione-Weiss (12/16/2018) discussing Bob Liekens and his legacy to the Pilates Movement.


Our Studio hours are by appointment only.

Please feel free to leave a phone number in your message. Call 845-331-0986

We will do our very best to get back to you as soon as possible with class availability and detailed information about joining our studio.


All classes are approximately 1 hour.
We are open Monday through Saturday.
All classes are scheduled by appointment. Please call for availability. 845-331-0986


Private and Group Classes 
55 minutes 

Mat Class 
Approx. 45 minutes

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45 Pine Grove Avenue

Kingston, New York 12401

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.”  Joseph Hubertus Pilates